Saturday, March 24, 2018
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Federalist denounces 'scandalous' EU law-making - European Union law-making has become fundamentally undemocratic – and that comes from the mouth not of a typical Eurosceptic but from one of the bloc's biggest supporters
When even the pro-Europeans admit that the Eurosceptics have a point, you know something is going very wrong. Daniel Guéguen, a lobbyist and lecturer at the College of Europe – the preparatory school for the Brussels civil service – believes the European Union has become fundamentally anti-democratic. "I am a federalist but on some issues the Eurosceptics are right," he tells "The system we have now is the worst you can possibly imagine. It is a culmination of all faults. There is no advantage to the new system. I am extremely angry. It is a scandal".
Guéguen is referring to the EU decision-making machine brought into force by the Lisbon Treaty. It is a dark world of committees and power struggles that takes place almost entirely out of the public eye. Formerly known by the dreaded term comitology, now better known as secondary legislation, its masters – European Commission officials – have been given the freedom to make key decisions acting alone and without any democratic oversight.
When Eurosceptics say that the EU has been hijacked by an unaccountable civil service, by the commission desk officers, they are correct, says Guéguen. The system now in force is understood fully by only around 50 people outside the Brussels executive, he estimates. In the European Parliament there are "fewer than 10 people" who know what is going on. Even the national governments, who all approved the Lisbon Treaty, are only now beginning to wake up to the juggernaut that has run them over.

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