Monday, August 21, 2017
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EAF Congress 2012 - A Eurorealist Vision

The second European Alliance for Freedom congress reinforced the importance of cross country groups as new ideas were debated and shared by political parties from across the continent.

The meeting in Cyprus was dominated by talk of the current Eurozone crisis and the impact this has on all the countries in the Alliance, from the cost of bailouts to immigration.
Campaign plans focused on getting maximum involvement from the Citizens of Europe who are frozen out of decisions made by the European institutions whilst being landed with the bill. Ideas focused on a Europe wide petition to bring about a proper continent wide debate and demands for referendums on the 'Austerity Treaty' which, as with virtually all EU Treaties, has been foisted on the millions of residents of the Nation states with only a tiny percentage being asked for their opinion.
The Alliance has also been growing, with new relationships forged with politicians from outside the traditional bigger players in the EU to include countries which are yet to join and newly formed political parties in Eastern European countries. 
The strength of the European Alliance for Freedom lies with the individual members, from many countries who have moved from being simply colleagues to the development of real friendships regardless of political party and country. In that respect, the Alliance demonstrates our vision of what the EU should become: an organisation based on free trade and friendship without the heavy costs of political union and the democratic deficit.
Watch this space for more announcements as the ideas from the Congress begin to take shape!

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