Monday, August 21, 2017
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The EU has to negotiate Euro guidelines with the new government in Athens


The New Democracy's election victory does not change the gloomy economic conditions - conservatives and socialists led Greece into the abyss

After the victory of the conservative New Democracy party in yesterday's parliamentary elections,

Greece should lose no time and must form a new government as soon as possible, said the liberal Member of the European Parliament, Andreas Mölzer. Mölzer also stated that: "As political chaos in Athens previaled in recent weeks, too much time has already been wasted. Therefore, the tactical game of the Greek parties is now out of place".

The victory for the conservatives will not change the situation in Greece. Andreas Mölzer added:- "The fact that the New Democracy emerged as No. 1 in the polls, does not change the economic conditions of Greece. The country’s economy and finance can only be healthy if it withdraws from the monetary union".

The liberal MEPs demanded that Brussels begin negotiations on Greeces‘ swift and orderly exit from the euro zone as soon as the new government is formed. Mölzer concluded by saying that "A total of 240 billion euros have flowed to Athens and further injections of money to the Greeks would be grossly negligent, especially since the conservatives and the socialists have both led Greece to its financial and economic disaster".

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