Monday, August 21, 2017
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Peace in the Middle East conference

The European Foundation for Freedom shall be organising a conference on Peace in the Middle East on the 15th May at the European Parliament in Brussels. This conference shall be hosted by three MEP's namely, Andreas Molzer (FPO), Fiorello Provera (Lega Nord) and Philip Claeys (Vlaams Belang). Speakers include, Profs. Hillel Weiss from Bar-llan University, Lia Shemtov from the Israel-Beitenu Party, Gershon Mesika (Governor of Samaria), Paramount-Sheik Farid Kader Al-Jaabri (leader of Palestinians in Hebron), Assi Mahmood (Governor of Kefar Bara Region, the former Minister for Science Culture and Sport Mr Raleb Majadle and Sheik Atef Krinawi (Leader of the Krinawi Bedouin Tribe. Registration for the conference will open for participants at 9am.

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