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YEAH - Young European Alliance for Hope: new patriotic youth force for the future

Vienna, 04th April 2014 -  In a joint press conference moderated by Harald Vilimsky – the FPO candidate in the European Elections – representatives of four parties' youth organizations presented the common European youth platform YEAH  (YOUNG EUROPEAN ALLIANCE FOR HOPE) .

The alliance gathers the youth sections of the Austrian Freedom Party (FPO), the RFJ, the French Front National, FNJ Flemish Vlaams Belang, VBJ, and that of the Sweden Democrats.  The Alliance’s first chairman is Tom Van Grieken, the current youth chairman of Vlaams Belang.

Mass immigration issues and the high rate of youth unemployment in the EU were presented as the main workhorses of this alliance.

RFJ federal chairman Udo  Landabauer, another FPO candidate for the European Parliament explained that the organisations gathered under the common patriotic platform YEAH have been for years now working closely together and have developed a strong bond of mutual trust and friendship. 

Mr Landbauer criticized the centralisation and federalisation tendencies of the EU, the road to a police state and the dismantling of democracy.  He stressed the need for a Europe of nations, as the only way towards a better future.

“With the establishment of YEAH we want to convey our values and youth issues long-term, not only during the European elections,” Mr Landbauer said.

YEAH chairman Tom Van Grieken said: “Beyond the activities towards the European elections, the organizations shall work together to organize joint meetings of youth organizations across the EU Member States.”

Asked about being eurosceptic Van Grieken said: “We are a pro-European organization, but we have serious questions about the current shape of the European Union.”

“I am absolutely convinced that when one is pro-European, one cannot be anti-EU,” said Julien Rochedy (FNJ), who wishes to see the YEAH gradually evolve into a youth think- tank. “For us, Europe is a civilization based on nations. When these civilizations have their identity and sovereignty denied, Europe is being denied.”

The four youth organisations held their first joint meeting in 2012. Since then, there has been a continuation of an exchange of ideas. Their aim is to integrate and develop common policies, and to grow and attract other youth organizations which share similar political views to form part of YEAH.

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