Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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European Alliance for Freedom prepares for European Elections 2014

Brussels – European Alliance for Freedom held its 3rd General Annual Congress from 24th till 26th May in Paris, France. The Congress was held under the slogan ‘’ Creating a force for freedom’’ that describe the aspirations of this political alliance for the upcoming European Elections next year.
The Congress gathered representatives from countries across Europe such as Austria, Sweden, Belgium, France, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Malta, Italy, Russia and Croatia other European countries that share common political interest in defending the Europe of sovereign nations.
About the EAF Manifesto 
On Saturday 25th May, during the second part of the Congress, that was open for the guests attending the event, proposals were accepted from all those involved during a constructive discussion and at the end there was a unanimous approval of the Manifesto, which was presented to the press the following day. The Manifesto puts forward a proposal for common political policies that Members of the European Alliance for Freedom wish to defend during the campaign such as sovereignty, the withdrawal- or at least a deep re-examination-of the single currency (policies) and immigration issues.
You can Download Manifesto from here:
English Version
French Version
Defending Democracy in Europe
The European Alliance for Freedom has been formed in order to promote and defend to the utmost people’s and Member States democratic rights against Brussels drifts. Previously, patriotic leaders coming from various Member States and who have similar approaches on European Union issues had to campaign without a real alliance or in the absence of coordinated actions.  With a view to the European Elections of 2014, a unified political force is created in order to fight for the rights of citizens of each Member States of the European Union. This new impetus for Freedom wants to curb the federalisation imposed by Brussels. This impetus, at the same, would promote people’s sovereignty, a new accountability and a budgetary consolidation of States far from currents views of austerity and of globalization.  
The State of the European Union in which we live today is resulting from a lack of vision, of corruption and, moreover, of the expansion of centralized legislative powers in Europe. The sovereign Member States should be a source of innovation and of economic dynamism. They should be able to cooperate and to create bounds of excellence in necessary areas. They should be engines for growing and spreading prosperity as regards failures due to decisions imposed by Brussels.
To learn more about European Alliance for Freedom or the European Elections 2014 Manifesto please contact:
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